Leading Organic Fertiliser Manufacturer in Sri Lanka

We areĀ Saarabhoomi Agro, a Sri Lankan enterprise striving to further the concept of ecological farming. In order to achieve this mission, we have researched and manufactured a fertilizer and a pest repellent, by only using local and natural resources.

We guarantee the quality of our products and do not use any external chemicals. We follow an agile process with continuous improvement of our products based on feedback from farmers.

Our Compost needs to be applied during the soil preparation time and it will re-treat the soil biologically and enrich it with nutrients. The Liquid Fertilizer can be added afterwards to energize the crops and soil condition by fostering the micro-organisms. Pests and diseases will be controlled naturally using this combination, however if further measures are required, our Natural Herbal Pest Repellent can be applied.

Our potting soil is a mix of fertile soil, compost and our own liquid fertilizer. Can be used for seedlings just after opening the bag.

Saarabhoomi Agro