Coco Coir Based potting medium 30L (UK,UAE, Australia)



This product is catered for our customers from United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Australia and Maldives.  We offer OEM service for all your brands.

  • Light weight coir growing mix
  • Ready to use semi hydrated coco peat
  • Ideal for all vegetables, herbs grass and plants
  • Retains moisture and nutrients
  • Suitable mix for use in vertical gardens
  • Add 7litres of water to expand it up to 30L

Ready To Use with 7litres of water is a superior quality coir hydroponic growing mix. Enriched with Calcium Magnesium to provide a premium blend ideal for vegetables, herbs and plants. This product has excellent water retention, encouraging a healthy root system and vigorous foliage growth.

Package Dimensions

Package Dimensions
Package 1
Width 400mm
Height 100mm
Length 600mm

Total weight: 9.5kg

Cocopeat 60%, Fruit Factory Waste 10%, Green Manure 10%,Cow Manure 10%,Ash 5%, Saw Dust 5%

Composted for 12mts

Moisture 15-25%