Why Compost?

Currently Sri Lankan agriculture mainly depend on chemical fertilizers thereby government spending large sums of foreign exchange for the importation of chemical fertilizers.

The need to introduce organic fertilser has become ever so important, to counter the effects of soil degradation and ill effects to humans, animals and entire eco-systems by continuous utilization of chemical fertilizers.

Organic compost creates tremendous benefits to the country in terms of Economic, Social and Environmental aspects.

It is required at this time to focus on the development of agricultural industry in Sri Lanka by converting Bio degradable organic waste into stable compost.



  • Increase yield
  • Improves overall soil fertility
  • Provides humus or organic matter.
  • Provides vitamins, hormones and plant enzymes which are not supplied by chemical fertilizers
  • Acts as buffer to changes in soil pH
  • Compost is free from pathogenic organisms, weeds and other unwanted seeds
  • Nutrients are readily available